Our Strengths

Actualization of Cross-Cultural Design

Expertise in Connecting Cultures
We have a proven track record in providing comprehensive services ranging from recruiting, training, and on-going support for international professionals working in the education industry in Japan
Motivation Engineering
In a global first for our industry, our approach to consulting focuses on using peoples' motivation as a way to diagnose and change organizations.

Cross-Cultural Design is…

Link Japan Careers is uniquely positioned to put to full use both the lessons learned from the long experience of the Interac Group in staffing, training and supporting international professionals in their professional and daily lives in Japan, as well as the methodologies of the Link and Motivation Group, which takes an original approach to tapping into the underlying motivation of people to realize sustainable and effective ways of working.


The Know-how to Connect Cultures

Founded in 1972, Interac Co., Ltd. (currently Link Interac Inc.) and its group of companies have been the pioneer in supporting the “internal internationalization” of businesspeople, taking an international perspective to engaging people in more than 1,400 corporations and government offices in Japan. Currently, Interac also supports assistant language teachers (ALTs) as one of the main elements of Japan’s English language education infrastructure by working as the top national provider for staffing, placing and dispatching of ALTs to the public education sector.

Approximately 2,700 international professionals from more than 80 countries are active in classrooms throughout Japan. Our staffing capabilities enable us to employ highly capable, motivated foreign nationals from and around the world while being confident that they can be entrusted with the education of children. Our training capabilities effectively convey differences in culture and values in a sensitive way while also imparting the attitude and knowledge needed to work as an educator. Our support capabilities provide these professionals with a worry-free environment wherein they can concentrate on performing to the best of their abilities.

Our major strength is that we are set up to provide these comprehensive services all in one business to provide international professionals with a worry-free environment within which they can excel.

Our Strengths



Our parent company, Link and Motivation Inc., was established in 2000 as the world's first consulting firm to take motivation as its approach. Using "Motivation Engineering" it provides support for more than 2,000 companies in transforming how the approach organizational and human resource development. This core technology is based on the unique view that humans should be understood as emotional beings and the impact that can have on their rational decision making. Additionally it recognizes that organizations consist of cooperative systems that have to work together in order to thrive and be successful; they cannot be considered completely in isolation if companies wish to successfully realize change.

Based on this core technology, Link Japan Careers can promise its customers that it is capable of effectively and consistently delivering high-quality services time and time again.

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What Is Motivation Engineering?
Motivation Engineering is Link and Motivation's original technology, which was created based on scientific evaluation and interpretation of fields such as business administration, social system theory, behavioral economics and psychology. It is composed of “diagnostic technologies” to identify customers’ problems and “transformational technologies” to actually resolve the problems brought to light by the diagnosis.