Privacy Policy

The Company recognizes as a key issue its social responsibility for the safe management of information resources, including personal information. To ensure safe management, the officers and employees of the Company strive to handle personal information appropriately, pursuant to the following personal information protection policy.

  1. The Company will comply with Japanese laws, guidelines etc. set forth by the government and other rules concerning the handling of personal information when handling the personal information used in all of its businesses (including personal information subject to disclosure) and the personal information of its employees or others.
  2. When acquiring and using personal information, the Company will specify the purpose of its use and handle the information appropriately within the scope required to achieve such purposes, and will not handle information beyond the scope required to achieve the specified purpose of use (use other than for intended purposes). The Company will also adopt appropriate management measures to prevent use other than for intended purposes.
  3. The Company will acquire personal information through lawful and fair methods.
  4. The Company will not provide any personal information it has acquired to any third party, unless the Company has obtained the consent of the individual concerned or the Company is legally obligated to release such information.
  5. The Company will ensure that whenever personal information is obtained, used or provided, the individual who has provided the information is aware that it has been obtained, used or provided. Furthermore, when complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information are received, the Company will promptly confirm the content with the relevant parties or others and will respond in good faith within a reasonable amount of time.
  6. The Company will take organizational, human, physical and technological measures to securely manage personal information, and will work diligently to prevent and counteract any leakage, loss or damage of such information.
  7. The Company will establish a management system to protect personal information and conduct ongoing revisions to ensure its operation.

Enacted: October 3, 2016
Link Japan Careers Inc.
President and Representative Director - Hiroyuki Kitsu

Handling of Personal Information

1. Intended Purposes for Using Personal Information

The Company uses personal information within the scope required to achieve the tasks and intended purposes listed below.

(1) Tasks
  1. Tasks related to business administration
  2. Tasks related to staffing, training, etc. for business organizations and groups
  3. Tasks related to supporting recruiting and job hunting
  4. Tasks related to supporting sales and marketing
  5. Tasks related to corporate membership organizations
  6. Tasks related to supporting brand building
(2) Intended Purposes
  1. For appropriate and smooth execution of the processing of personal information that has been fully or partially commissioned etc. to the Company by a third party etc.
  2. For conducting surveys related to Company-run seminars and other events
  3. For supporting recruiting and job hunting
  4. For supporting sales activities
  5. For the selection of the Company’s employee candidates
  6. For the employment management of employees

Note: To improve customer satisfaction through the confirmation of the content of calls, response quality, evaluation and training, the content of the customer calls may be recorded in writing, voice or other electronic means, as necessary.

2. Procedures for Disclosure, Amendment, Etc.

The Company accepts requests from individuals to disclose their personal information subject to disclosure, inform them of its intended purpose, amend incorrect personal information subject to disclosure, discontinue use of such personal information and discontinue providing such information to third parties (hereafter, “Disclosure, etc.”). Please contact the Company via the details provided below for details on how inquiries and claims etc. are processed.

3. Inquiries and Complaints Regarding Handling of Personal Information

Please contact the help desk below for consultations, complaints or other questions regarding the Company’s handling of personal information.

Please contact the help desk below for questions, inquiries or complaints regarding the privacy policy.

Personal Information Protection Manager

Link Japan Careers Inc. Customer Help Desk
Ginza Six 12F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Note: “Personal information subject to disclosure” refers to personal information compiled into an aggregate of systematically organized data for which the Company has the authority to disclose, revise, add to or remove, discontinue use, delete and discontinue provision to third parties as requested by the individual.