Summary of our Business

Our Business

The Value We Provide

Through our concept of “Cross-Cultural Design” we help resolve the challenges globalization poses for staffing, on-boarding and supporting international professionals by providing fully comprehensive services for each of these areas.

Positioned to support international professionals who want to work in Japan and the organizations (private companies and public institutions like school boards of education) looking to hire them, Link Japan Careers provides fully comprehensive services supporting all stages from staffing, on-boarding and on-going support so that both groups can feel secure in their working relationship.

Our Services

Our Services

Staffing Design

Speedy introductions of motivated and globally-minded international professionals.

Our service is both for international professionals living abroad who want to pursue a global career in Japan and international professionals already in Japan who have working experience in the country and are looking to continue their careers. Our service has a track record of placing over 5,000* people during the past five years alone, and we can draw from more than 37,000 registered candidates for staffing purposes at any one time. Recruiters in Japan and at five locations overseas have extensive employment experience in Japan and know what to look for in applicants so as to be able to introduce potential employees who can accommodate regional and cultural differences.

On-Boarding Design

Fully comprehensive services to ensure a smooth start to careers in Japan
1.Initial Life-Support Package
This service focuses on the difficulties international professionals have when getting established in a new environment. This is a package service informed by our experience of having worked with them first-hand to assist with their transition to a new country or area of Japan.
(1) Housing support (providing property information, interpreting, etc.)
(2) Support for resident registration (collecting regional information, interpreting, etc.)
(3) Support opening bank accounts (guides for necessary documents, interpreting, etc.)
(4) Support for initial health check for employees joining a company (making appointments, interpreting, etc.)
2.Initial Training Package
We offer training packages geared towards sharing fundamental knowledge about Japanese work culture, values etc. that employees need to be successful.

On-Going Design

Services which turn feelings of uncertainty about living and working in Japan into peace of mind.
1.On-Going Life-Support Package
These services help people feel secure and worry-free as they navigate living in Japan. We can arrange customized support plans depending on what is needed, ranging from emergency support (advice about what to do, communication support etc.) to help in daily life (arranging doctor's appointments, supporting a move, renewing driver's licenses etc.).
2.On-Going Training Package
Our training packages focus on helping businesspeople continue to grow. Also, we have courses for Japanese employees who will be working with international professionals in their office for the first time.